Types of Table Covers For Your Promotional Events

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Tablecloths are not only for dining rooms. You won’t believe but they can help you when you organize and participate in marketing and promotional events.  First of all they facilitate in creating a positive image for your business when you attend an event such as a trade show, fair, promotion, etc. People like and positively respond to a business that creates and works in neat and tidy atmosphere. You have to agree you would rather cooperate with such a company rather than with a business whose presentation is in a mess, when you can see an old dilapidated table bristling with supplies of literature, giveaways and samples. Besides, in additional to a capability of hiding what visitors shouldn’t see table covers have one more valuable property – they are brandable, which means they provide one more surface to place company’s logo or branded images.

There are many types of table throws which makes a company able to choose a product that will satisfy their marketing needs, ambitions and chosen design at maximum. If you are still on the fence about what table cover to pick we offer this note where we review the most popular types of throws and accessories.

Logo Printed Table ClothBasic table throws are suitable for events where it is not necessary for a table cloth to sport a branded image. They are available in a multiple color solutions so you can easily find something that design-wise coordinated with the whole presentation. Among other benefits is that it is made of wrinkle-free material and has an open back for comfortable sitting and easy access to literature and other supplies you keep under the table.

Economy table covers are sort of an updated version of basic tablecloths. They have similar design and properties but in addition they are custom printed with your image. The digital print is available in 2 options – thermal imprint and dye-sub.

Fitted table covers are suited for exhibitors who want to be trendy and keep up with the fashions. Unlike basic and economy table cloths which have draped design, fitted table throws are created to snugly fit the table, making a natty, spick and span appearance. These custom logo tablecloths for trade shows will become a felicitous acquisition for your marketing and promotional events, even for outdoors.

Ultrafir Table Cover

A more advanced version of this table throw is UtraFit table covers. UltraFit is designed to fit like a glove due to use of quality stretch fabric. Unconventional look enhanced with your custom printed graphics will surely grab attention of passer-bys. Exhibitors also appreciate these table cloths – a back zipper proves access to the stock of literature, products and samples, so that it is possible to store them out of visitor’s sight in a convenient way instead of piling them on the floor.

For companies that attend many events throughout the year it may be useful to have a table cover that will adapt to different types and sizes of tables. Convertible table throw was created exactly to meet this need. Thanks to a hook-and-loop system you can adjust the cover to fit 6 and 8 feet tables so that you don’t have to spend money on purchasing two table cloths.

Besides table covers trade show industry offers table runners and skirts. Runners cover only a center part of a table. Using it with a plain table cover you can create an accent that will command attention, especially if adorned with your logo.

Table skirts wrap around a table covering unsightly table legs and whatever you keep under your table. You may want to combine them with table toppers to create an appearance you won’t get using other table covers.

Whatever you may need for your career fair, exhibition, tastings, etc, you can easily find it in a wide selection of table covers available in the market. All of them are purpose-designed to be durable, wrinkle free, flame and stain resistant and washable. If you still can’t find what you are looking for you can use a service of completely custom made tablecloths of any shape and size you need, just visit https://www.graciousstyle.com/shop/custom-tablecloths

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How Custom Printed Table Throws are Created

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Table throws like the table covers and table skirts offer a wonderful way to exhibit or display an elegant look to special events such as weddings, trade shows, and job fairs. They even add a great look to the trade show booths. One can use the table throws even in school functions, trade shows, hotels, and many such events. The table throws, including the custom printed table throws, are usually cost effective, easily washable in machines, and are flame retardant as well. Therefore, one should not worry about battered or worn tables at his/her next event, these can be well covered with table throws.

Table throws

Table throws are also called custom table covers. These table throws or covers offer an economical, attractive and eye pleasing way of covering up unattractive or sometimes, damaged tables. Table covers and table skirts offer a very traditional way of covering up the display tables at events such as a wedding, job fairs, or trade shows, while the convertible table throws helps one, to all the display needs, with a more flexible solution.

The most important material required in creating custom printed table throws are the fabrics.

The fabrics

The table throws or table covers, both readymade and custom printed are made from various fabrics. The most common fabrics that are used extensively are Polyester and Poly Poplin. The following are the commonly used fabrics used to make custom printed table throws.

Poly Poplin: Poly Poplin is basically polyester fabric with poplin weave. Poly Poplin references or mentions a kind of weave that is mainly used in fabrics. These weaves can be well visualized as one simple over-then-under pattern, which gives a simple and pretty texture & a light-weight fabric, which is ideal for warm or hot weather. It also gives a feel of silky smooth because of the very little or no use of texture. Custom printed table throws made of Poly Poplin is quite popular as this fabric is durable, wrinkle resistance, easy to iron, stain resistance, and dries quickly.

Knit Polyester:  The Knit Polyester is also durable, and easy to maintain, but what makes this a very popular fabric is its printability and ability as a fire retardant. The Knit Polyester is also eco-friendly as it is an output from consumer and industrial recycled plastic. This fabric is also ideal for long-term use. This fabric is perfect for events like weddings, trade shows, and job fairs because it requires less maintenance and can be reused. Most importantly, this fabric also works as a great canvas and its texture holds vibrant and intense colors quite beautifully. This fabric is ideal for custom printed table throws.

Nylon: Nylon is rarely used in any event or fair. Nylon has many disadvantages; for instance, this fabric is not fire retardant and it cannot be washed in machines and requires professional cleaning.

Vinyl: Vinyl is perfect for outdoor events. Vinyl is also an ideal choice for events that involves services and demonstrations of food and beverages. Many custom printed vinyl table throws comes with digitally printed images.


Before going for a specific type of custom printed table throws one need to understand the size and type of tables. The most commonly used tables at function and events are the three and four sided tables. There are also options for digital printing and screen printing usually available for the custom printed table throws.

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How To Choose Best Table Covers

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In the event that you are searching for an outside table cover, you have presumably as of late put resources into some yard furniture. A few sorts of furniture can be destroyed not simply by the climate, coordinate daylight can bring about dying and blurring in most open air furniture, additionally by morsels and spills when eating outside. Rattan tables are especially helpless as it is difficult to expel all the soil from between the fissure. It is a smart thought to start running the vacuum over them each couple of days. This will stop rats and different animals eating their way through your furniture.

You can keep away from the greater part of this harm by picking a decent cover. It ought to be intended to ensure the table additionally to make it look pleasant. There is nothing more awful than purchasing a shabby open air table cover to run with costly yard furniture set. It will degrade the look of your garden set and it presumably won’t keep going throughout the entire that. Not too bad covers aren’t costly. You can discover a range made in plastic or vinyl. Some will be plain while others are designed so you shouldn’t have an issue finding the correct one to suit.

On the off chance that you have had your garden furniture made you will most likely need to have the cover made also unless the table is a standard size. Anybody skilled with a sewing machine can keep running up a table cover rapidly and it ought to be moderately economical. You can purchase the materials you require from a haberdashery store. Standard measured and molded table covers are accessible at your neighborhood planting store and additionally from online outlets like Amazon.com. You can discover covers to coordinate your overhang or other porch furniture covers. On the off chance that you read the proposals posted by different purchasers you ought to locate the ideal outside table cover for you.

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A Review on Table Covers

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When we think about a gathering, could be a birthday party, casual get-together, or supper party, things that promptly show up in our psyche are sustenance, music, and the design. On the off chance that you have arrangements to have a gathering, you clearly would consider how to make the space exquisite and appealing. In the event that you have some major improving thoughts, you can undoubtedly set a fabulous mood for the gathering. Gathering and tables are close partners, consequently improvement of table in the most ideal way winds up plainly vital. Do you know there is an assortment of covers to suit each event? You can sort them by texture, shape, and plans. Table covers are made utilizing distinctive materials, similar to cotton, cloth, plastic, paper, denim, PVC, and vinyl. Cotton covers stay prevalent as they improve the gathering feel and are anything but difficult to keep up.

Moreover, silk and material covers can mix well with any stylistic theme. For shockingly better interest, you can purchase these covers with weaving outlines, bands, or dots. As of late, plastic table covers have turned out to be more unmistakable as they offer more advantages. They are perfect for child’s gatherings. Being impervious to oil stains and spills, these covers are anything but difficult to clean. On the off chance that you expect to utilize a texture cover for the gathering table, you can ensure it with a straightforward plastic table cover. These days, single-utilize plastic table covers are additionally accessible, which can be effectively arranged after utilize. However, ensure that you don’t put any hot dish over them. For wedding-related gatherings, paper table covers are favored as they require no cleaning. They appear to be like cotton covers and are accessible in huge number of hues, plans, and examples to suit your gathering topic. Material like paper covers in sheets and rolls are likewise on tap for your decision. For practical purchasers, PVC table covers are the best decision. Their upkeep is easy, and the hot dishes can’t ruin their look.

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Table Covers – Good for Any Party

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Everybody who tosses parties at home conveys their best to satisfy their visitors thus their gathering is quite discussed. So what do you do when anticipating a gathering? It’s extremely normal, ensure that all the fundamental arrangements are done ahead of time, and you can’t preclude that in most from claiming parties table fills in as a centerpiece and the real concern is the means by which to enhance it. When you say party table improvement cover you can’t get rid of table covers. Sustenance and refreshments eye-striking and lip-smacking shown on a top notch fine-looking table can increase the value of the gathering, and for this an excellent table cover is must. One primary worry of gathering hurlers is cleaning the after-gathering mess on tables and with plastic covers you can dispose of that overwhelming assignment, simply arrange then after utilize.

 These dispensable table covers are financially savvy and can well meet your cleanliness guidelines. On the off chance that you expect that you get just plain plastic covers, then you ought to check those covers emblazoned with engaging plans. With an extensive variety of napkins, liners, doilies, cutlery, containers, and dinning cushions your scan for coordinating table extras is disposed of. These days, subject based gathering is broadly mainstream thus party covers for tables are intended to suit needs of each person. Toon printed covers for table for children parties, checked covers for authority supper gatherings, and a great deal more are accessible to look over. Some of plastic covers outlines are printed, stitch table covers, weaved table covers, painted cover, and ribbon covers, and dab work plastic table covers are likewise on tap to look over. Plain covers are perfect for any gathering, and the best part is they can be laid on a cotton or material cover to secure the last mentioned.

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