How Custom Printed Table Throws are Created

Posted by on May 22, 2017 in Furniture |

Table throws like the table covers and table skirts offer a wonderful way to exhibit or display an elegant look to special events such as weddings, trade shows, and job fairs. They even add a great look to the trade show booths. One can use the table throws even in school functions, trade shows, hotels, and many such events. The table throws, including the custom printed table throws, are usually cost effective, easily washable in machines, and are flame retardant as well. Therefore, one should not worry about battered or worn tables at his/her next event, these can be well covered with table throws.

Table throws

Table throws are also called custom table covers. These table throws or covers offer an economical, attractive and eye pleasing way of covering up unattractive or sometimes, damaged tables. Table covers and table skirts offer a very traditional way of covering up the display tables at events such as a wedding, job fairs, or trade shows, while the convertible table throws helps one, to all the display needs, with a more flexible solution.

The most important material required in creating custom printed table throws are the fabrics.

The fabrics

The table throws or table covers, both readymade and custom printed are made from various fabrics. The most common fabrics that are used extensively are Polyester and Poly Poplin. The following are the commonly used fabrics used to make custom printed table throws.

Poly Poplin: Poly Poplin is basically polyester fabric with poplin weave. Poly Poplin references or mentions a kind of weave that is mainly used in fabrics. These weaves can be well visualized as one simple over-then-under pattern, which gives a simple and pretty texture & a light-weight fabric, which is ideal for warm or hot weather. It also gives a feel of silky smooth because of the very little or no use of texture. Custom printed table throws made of Poly Poplin is quite popular as this fabric is durable, wrinkle resistance, easy to iron, stain resistance, and dries quickly.

Knit Polyester:  The Knit Polyester is also durable, and easy to maintain, but what makes this a very popular fabric is its printability and ability as a fire retardant. The Knit Polyester is also eco-friendly as it is an output from consumer and industrial recycled plastic. This fabric is also ideal for long-term use. This fabric is perfect for events like weddings, trade shows, and job fairs because it requires less maintenance and can be reused. Most importantly, this fabric also works as a great canvas and its texture holds vibrant and intense colors quite beautifully. This fabric is ideal for custom printed table throws.

Nylon: Nylon is rarely used in any event or fair. Nylon has many disadvantages; for instance, this fabric is not fire retardant and it cannot be washed in machines and requires professional cleaning.

Vinyl: Vinyl is perfect for outdoor events. Vinyl is also an ideal choice for events that involves services and demonstrations of food and beverages. Many custom printed vinyl table throws comes with digitally printed images.


Before going for a specific type of custom printed table throws one need to understand the size and type of tables. The most commonly used tables at function and events are the three and four sided tables. There are also options for digital printing and screen printing usually available for the custom printed table throws.