Family holidays in a motorhome: on the road again!

It’s a crisis! With inflation expected to reach nearly 6% in 2022, +10% in March alone this year, british households must rethink and prioritise their spending… Travel and family holidays are the first item concerned.

1 in 4 british people do not go on holiday due to lack of budget

Nevertheless, the benefits of holidays for morale, health and for strengthening family ties no longer need to be demonstrated: what could be better than a family holiday in a motorhome? You are free to choose your itinerary!

Buying a new or used motorhome?

Motorhome Diaries 8 - Buying a New or Used Motorhome Layouts

If you have the means, you can buy a new motorhome (plan on a minimum budget of £ 50 to 60,000 including tax), or even a second-hand one (available from dealerships or private individuals at an average price of £15 to 20,000, depending on the number of beds, the date it was put on the road, etc).

Buying your own motorhome is the security of having an asset that will retain its value for a long time, which will depreciate very little: since the confinement of 2020, these vehicles have the side, or even resell sometimes as expensive as the price at which you bought it.

In the event of an accident or if you need money for a new project (e.g. buying a property), your motorhome will sell very quickly because of the high demand.

Another option that has become popular in recent years is the seasonal rental of motorhomes.

Renting a motorhome: the other budget-friendly alternative!

location camping car
Motorhome rental

Just like camping holidays, motorhome hire represents an average daily cost of between £80 and £180 per day (insurance included or not: be careful on this point), motorhome hire offers the possibility of going on holiday with the family, discovering the most beautiful campsites in France, the beautiful French regions, and even taking a trip to other European countries: all while keeping your holiday budget under control – without depriving yourself.

Going on holiday with your children and family is always a good idea and ensures a special and memorable family time. If you’re looking for a way to discover and explore France, travel around Europe, design your own itinerary and make unforgettable memories, choose a motorhome! Motorhomes are available in a variety of forms, including integral motorhomes, profile motorhomes and fitted vans.

Whatever your budget, you will find a model that meets your requirements and suits your needs and means.

Another advantage is that during the journey, your children will be able to do their favourite things: watch a film, read a book, make holiday notebooks :D!

The integral motorhome: maximum sleeping capacity!

camping car integral
Integral motorhome: maximum sleeping capacity for maximum comfort!

Integral motorhomes are perfect for large families thanks to their large living space and the number of beds available. You can find occasional spacious integral motorhomes under 7m, which offer much more comfort, space and possibilities than smaller motorhomes. They are equipped with bunk beds and/or foldaway beds, which means that the largest motorhomes can accommodate up to eight people on board!

These ‘recreational vehicles’ are very practical as they usually have a fully equipped kitchen and lounge area, allowing you to cook and dine on board your motorhome. In addition, some models have a built-in shower and toilet, allowing you to be self-sufficient for the duration of your holiday.

Motorhomes with cabins

camping car capucine
Motorhomes with cabins: extra sleeping space above the driver’s cab

A motorhome with a roof is the perfect compromise between a full motorhome and a profile. This type of motorhome offers good autonomy to road trip in France, is less expensive to rent than the so-called “integral” motorhomes, is less bulky but still offers space and is therefore easier to drive and manoeuvre.

Thanks to its features such as a permanent rear bed, kitchen, bathroom and swivel seats. It doesn’t have extra storage compartments as is the case with integral motorhomes, but its advantage is that it is less bulky.

So if you’re looking for a family motorhome but also want a little more freedom of movement and manoeuvrability, then the nasturtium is for you! It is fully equipped for long journeys and allows passengers to enjoy the scenery and the road to the full.

Vans and converted vans known as VASPs

van fourgon amenage
Van or converted van

VASP ? CTTE ? What does it mean?

Many holidaymakers and backpackers are looking for the following for their holidays

  • mobility: to be able to move around their accommodation while driving
  • autonomy: not to lack anything when they go on holiday on little or unexplored holiday paths (autonomy in water, heating, sleeping, etc.)
  • freedom: to go where they want, to stay / leave when they want, in the company of or far from other holidaymakers.

For the more DIY enthusiasts, some of them have transformed their van (identified by the CTTE on the vehicle registration document) into a converted van. To be compliant, it must obtain VASP (Specialised Motor Vehicle) approval, which also concerns ambulance-type vehicles, caravans, etc…

Camping in a converted van: spartan comfort but versatile!

van amenege vasp
Camping in a van

Vans are the most versatile and relaxing vehicles for family holidays. They are particularly suitable for families who are looking for a more rustic, close-to-nature adventure.

Indeed, thanks to their small dimensions, these motorhomes are extremely easy to drive and park. In addition, vans offer flexible and clever living spaces, making them suitable for all kinds of families.

Finally, their main asset is their ability to offer extraordinary experiences at affordable prices. With a van or camper van, you won’t have to sacrifice luxury for budget. This makes it the ideal travel option for families looking for total freedom!

What are the advantages of a motorhome for the family?

vacances famille fourgon amenage
Motorhome holidays: unforgettable moments!

There are many advantages to choosing a motorhome for a family holiday. First of all, you have the flexibility to choose your destination and the pace of your trip without being constrained by a fixed schedule. In addition, you can visit as many tourist sites as you like and explore places that are not accessible by car.

Another advantage is that the motorhome comes fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday. This means you don’t have to take a tent or camping equipment with you, which saves you time and energy. Finally, the motorhome allows you to travel independently and safely, which is essential for a family.

Criteria for choosing a motorhome

Choosing a motorhome for your family depends on

  • your needs,
  • your budget,
  • and your holiday style.

Make sure you measure and compare the different models in order to choose the right motorhome for your needs. In addition, you’ll need to consider the number of people on board, the amenities required and the type of terrain you’ll be driving on.

You should also check that the motorhome is equipped with all the specific equipment needed for your trip.


Motorhomes are the ideal way to go on a family holiday.

With a wide choice of models and brands available, you’re sure to find the right motorhome for you. Whether you are looking for a full size motorhome, a van, a convertible or a van, each of these models will offer your family a unique and unforgettable experience!

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