communication de crise

Corporate crisis communication in 2023

The term “period of crisis” is to be understood in the broadest sense: pandemic (COVID 19 from February 2020) or epidemic, economic depression/recession, political unrest, violent social protests (Gilets Jaunes demonstration in 2018) at national

pourquoi faire bilan competence

How does a skills assessment in 2023 work?

Do you feel out of place in your job, but don’t know where to turn? We’ll explain why a skills assessment can help you make your plans a reality. What is a skills assessment? A

oragniser teambuilding

When is team building useful for the company in 2023?

Team building in companies ensures good communication among employees. The objective is to achieve cohesion within your team at work. Organising a team building event to improve communication within the company In order to function

evenement entreprise

All about the corporate event in 2023

If there is one lesson that entrepreneurship has learned from the health crisis, it is that it is important to organise corporate events again to create group cohesion. Why organise a corporate event? For any

bilan competence financement

All about the skills assessment in 2023

You are considering a career change or professional retraining by carrying out a skills assessment, but how do you go about it, where do you do it, and how do you finance it? What is

seminaires activites entreprise

The various activities during a company seminar in 2023

Organising a company seminar is necessary to take stock of the situation with all employees. The event includes one or more activities or entertainment that are dedicated to strengthening team cohesion between colleagues. Ideas for