All about the corporate event in 2024

If there is one lesson that entrepreneurship has learned from the health crisis, it is that it is important to organise corporate events again to create group cohesion.

Why organise a corporate event?

For any event, it is imperative that the organisation is perfect so that the company’s employees can enjoy the moment as a team or with the service providers. A well-organised event will unite a team or reflect a positive effect.

Companies often do not hesitate to call on the services of an event agency or organiser in order not to overburden employees with responsibilities. Events are popular because managers, employees, service providers and customers need to meet in person and not just virtually.

The first step for the organisation will be to look for ideas internally in order to involve and satisfy the employees. The choice of venue will be important, as more and more events are being outsourced from Paris to unusual locations.

The teams are mobilised for the conference venues to make the event come alive. A professional event organiser is often called in to manage the guests, entertainment, etc.

The different possibilities of corporate events

The seminar

seminaires activites entreprise
Organising a company seminar to bring together colleagues

Organising a seminar is a way of improving the network and the relationship with clients. Both parties can meet in a seminar room with a specific date and a different location from the company’s to talk about business or the release of a new product, make improvements and simply exchange views.

Large companies do not hesitate to invest in this type of event and to call on professionals who will have several objectives to ensure that this day is perfect and has a positive effect. Internally, it allows employees to meet in a neutral place to exchange views and take stock of the company’s situation, and to meet other employees when the company has several sites.

The company party

Remercier ses salariées et salariés pour les efforts consentis toute l'année !
Thanking employees for their efforts throughout the year!
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The purpose of the company party is to thank employees for their efforts throughout the year. The aim of the company party is to relax and unite the team. It can take place over several days and be accompanied byactivities for team building or simply in rooms with an external provider. An event organiser is often called in to ensure that everything is perfect.

The event day

organiser journee cohesion
Strengthening the team spirit during a team building day

Companies do not take the risk of organising these events and call on an event agency or organiser. Everything has to be perfect and meticulous so that the participants, whether customers or employees, can enjoy themselves. This company day is very often fun and is accompanied by activities and entertainment on site so that everyone enjoys the moment.

The benefits are numerous and often the communication following this event is important in order to show the efforts made by a company for the well-being of its employees. The budget for these evenings is often substantial and that is why the organisation is a project in its own right.

Team building

oragniser teambuilding
Team building builds and strengthens links between employees

Every company has understood that it is necessary to unite its teams and thank its employees. Hence the increasing number of daytime and evening events held throughout the year to strengthen working relationships. The teams are asked to ensure that the event meets their criteria and that they are not disappointed

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