How do you carry out a personal and professional assessment in 2024?

In the course of one’s life, one goes through more or less difficult periods. It is sometimes necessary to do a skills assessment to find out where you stand.

Why do a skills assessment?

Requirements to Pass a Skills Assessment

A personal and professional assessment is an excellent way of taking stock of your life. You can reflect on it alone or with the help of a coach. It is an opportunity to put into words what has made us progress or regress, and to identify the areas on which we wish to focus in the future.

A liberating exercise…

It can be a liberating exercise, because you become aware of what really matters to you. We detach ourselves from what is not important and refocus on what makes us happy. The skills assessment also allows us to know ourselves better and to know what we really want. We ask ourselves questions about our values, our ambitions, our fears…

… And an enriching exercise!

It is a very enriching exercise that can help us make better decisions in our lives. Sometimes, this assessment is proposed within the company, to offer the employee a professional retraining, a coaching or a training. It also allows the employer to assess whether the employee is still in tune with his job.

The skills assessment can be used at the time of the end-of-year interview to help the employee evolve in his or her job and propose new work objectives.

What are the main advantages of a personal and professional assessment?

A personal and professional assessment allows you to take a step back from your professional and personal situation. This can be particularly useful when you are in a period of transition.

Taking a step back from your skills and aspirations

The assessment allows you to take stock of your skills, achievements, aspirations and motivations. It can thus help you to better understand what you want to do with your professional and personal life.

Developing a coherent and realistic project

In addition, the assessment is a valuable tool for developing a coherent and realistic project. This is often a prerequisite for the success of any major change. Finally, the skills assessment makes it possible to detect any blockages and to find ways of overcoming them. It may be useful to call on a professional to help you carry out this assessment.

Are there any disadvantages to taking a personal and professional assessment?

There are no disadvantages to taking a personal and professional assessment, as it can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, which is important for making informed career choices. It can also help you to better understand your motivations and personality, which is important for communicating effectively with others.

Who can help me with my personal and career assessment?

Consult a guidance professional to help you with your personal and career assessment. They will be able to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and challenges you may face in your career.

In short, a skills assessment is…

ikigai diagram
ikigai diagram, source:

Ikigai is a Japanese word that can be translated as “reason for being” or “joy of living”. It represents what we want to get up for every morning, but is also considered a factor of longevity in Okinawa, an island in the land of the rising sun.

The question about one’s own professional development is the most frequent reason for a competence balance. However, there are many situations in which one can take stock:

  • To define how to get back on one’s feet after a resignation or dismissal
  • To change jobs or companies
  • To change to another job without really knowing what you want/can do
  • To boost your career

Because you feel the need or desire to do so.
More than half of working people who are seriously considering changing careers in the coming year certainly need guidance to bring these complex and engaging considerations to a successful conclusion.

The IKIGAI method allows for great introspection and reflection on oneself and one’s life. It takes us on a surprising journey into our deepest inner selves.

Through questioning and awareness, the Ikigai method enables us to discover who we really are, to define exactly what moves us, what motivates us and what makes us happy.

Ikigai gives a real turnaround to professional life.

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