How to strengthen team cohesion in companies by 2024?

A good manager needs to know how to keep his team together, but how do you do that? Find out our tips in this article.

What is team cohesion?

Team cohesion is when a group of people share the same values. It is essential to foster teamwork in a company in order to move in the same direction, all together. The more cohesive the team, the better it will perform. Team spirit implies qualities such as: solidarity, sharing, communication, benevolence

How to strengthen team cohesion?

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How can team cohesion be strengthened in the company?

Setting up activities to link employees is usually quite effective. It is important to develop team spirit by organising events such as seminars and team building, which will allow participating members to work on their creativity, but also on their communication. This is done in the context of challenges and games that create a warm atmosphere outside the office. This kind of exercise with a common goal allows the implementation of a team challenge.

Company events can be set up between employees and help to strengthen group unity. These activities, commonly known as team building, can be games, exercises, outings, such as an escape game, which allows you to take on challenges in a fun way and to be in a spirit of challenge as a group, which will allow you to strengthen the links between colleagues

Uniting people around a common project can also be important in building team cohesion. Getting employees to work on a project with strong, shared values is an excellent way to bond teams

The advantage of team activities

These activities, aimed at strengthening team cohesion, are an opportunity to work on trust between employees. By participating in the activities in groups, they will have to have a spirit of solidarity to ensure the activity

These events and activities help to ensure a good atmosphere in the company in the long term, to build trust between employees and to work on communication. This will have a positive impact on the work and productivity of employees

Maintaining team cohesion

How to create a cohesive team

In addition to these activities, collaborative tools can be put in place to keep employees connected and to keep them together. These tools can be messaging systems, shared agendas, and instant discussions that allow sharing and encourage mutual support.

To encourage this fluidity of communication, it is also possible to set up weekly or monthly meetings to keep teams informed and give them the opportunity to express themselves about their work

As events cannot be organised more than a few times a year, these collaborative tools make it possible to work and maintain team cohesion over the long term.

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