Our tips for organising a company 2024 end-of-year party

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to hold end-of-year parties to celebrate staff and share a good time together.

Define the key elements for holding the party

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When organising a company party, it is important to start with a good budget. Make sure you take into account every aspect of the event: entertainment, gifts for employees, spouses of employees, other guests, etc

Defining the budget for the end-of-year party

The budget for your end-of-year party will determine the margin for the venue and the services for the event. When booking the venue, the organising team should do so early to avoid unforeseen circumstances

Carefully choose the venue for the event

It is recommended that you choose a venue that is adapted to the culture of the company and the type of event: team building, Christmas party, seminar, end of year dinner, etc. The venue must be able to accommodate the number of guests expected and offer convivial spaces for the entertainment.

Depending on the occasion, you can also opt for a spacious, private room with acoustics. In any case, it is important to ensure the safety of the venue for the success of your company party. As for the date of the company party, it is advisable to avoid organising these types of events at the weekend.

Choosing the right time for your employees’ schedules

As the holidays approach, employees usually have a busy schedule. Likewise, employees in charge of customers may find it difficult to leave their jobs to organise or attend a Christmas lunch

So for employees and the party planning team, it is best to choose a company party. A Thursday or Friday evening would then be more suitable for everyone.

Communicate about the event

Once the date, budget and list of employee Christmas gifts have been decided, the next step is to communicate about the company event. Indeed, annual events such as the company party are an ideal opportunity to bring together various stakeholders around your cocktail party, strengthening team cohesion!

Identify the best communication channel…

That said, to organise your company party (team building or otherwise), you need to communicate in advance. Whether it is an end of year party or a Christmas tree cocktail party, you can use emails or flyers to inform each stakeholder.

…Provide all the information to get to the party

Make sure you mention in your invitation for the corporate event the venue with possible access, the theme and a deadline for registration. This will allow you to anticipate the number of participants for the end-of-year party you are planning. This way, you can better choose the location of the seats and the Christmas tree for a successful end-of-year party.

In addition, to organise your company Christmas party, you can submit a form to the participants to get an idea of their diet. Communication is a powerful tool to collect enough data for a Christmas party.

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