The various activities during a company seminar in 2024

Organising a company seminar is necessary to take stock of the situation with all employees.

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The event includes one or more activities or entertainment that are dedicated to strengthening team cohesion between colleagues.

Ideas for sports activities during a company seminar

Preparing sports activities for a team building event or seminar is an excellent idea to strengthen team spirit. The setting takes place outside of work and is an ideal place to exchange ideas with colleagues in order to improve collaboration. Everyone is faced with a challenge and everyone has to excel.

Those who do not participate can have fun placing bets on which team they think will win.

Within the framework of sports activities for team-building, a variety of choices are available depending on the chosen environment:

  • The introduction to an activity such as skydiving is one of the most popular activities during the animation of a seminar. It is an opportunity to experience thrills with colleagues.
  • Water activities are also a must during such an event. Diving, surfing and hoverboarding are all interesting options.
  • It is also possible to opt for a fun and unusual sports activity to be a bit different from the original and for a new experience in terms of animation.

Offer activities for your company’s geeks

If most of your employees are young people, offering them geeks will certainly please them. This is a great opportunity to try out the most popular activities of the moment.

Escape game

An interesting idea is to organise an escape game with the whole team. There are specific premises that offer this type of activity. The participants have to enter a large room where they can play different games according to the chosen theme. Robbery games, races with spaceships are all possible options.

Here, too, some colleagues can have fun placing bets on a possible winner.

Original seminar activity: virtual reality

Virtual reality activities are also in vogue during a team building or seminar. Centres can be found all over France. It is also possible to opt for remote company activities if the opportunity arises.

Gastronomic team activities

Everyone appreciates good food. Offering a gourmet moment to the teams during a teambuilding outside working hours is a good idea.

Cooking workshops

To strengthen the team spirit among employees, the company director can offer a pleasant cooking class with a real chef. A small group competition can even be prepared with colleagues. Once the game is over, everyone can sit down to eat the food they have prepared.

Gastronomic tour

A gastronomic tour to visit restaurants or wine cellars can also be very appealing to your team. The tour can then take place not far from the place where the company seminar is being held.

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