TOP 5 reasons to study in Lille (France)in 2024

Studying in Lille

Lille is one of the largest cities in France. With over a million people in its urban area, it is a magnet to say the least. The reputation of the northerners is well established, we all know that the Ch’tis are warm and welcoming! Although the weather is not a convincing argument, Lille is THE student city. We will give you the top 5 reasons why you should study in Lille.

TOP 5 reasons to study in Lille

The reputation of the schools and universities

In Lille, there are many schools and universities. It is the third largest university in Europe. Hundreds of courses are offered in all sectors, including fashion, design, engineering, business, medicine, art, law and more. Every year, more than 110,000 students enrol in public and private universities and many schools and institutes in the region. Furthermore, it is easy to find an internship or a student job in Lille and recruiters often come to the campus to find new talent… the choice is yours! France’s renowned universities are mainly located in Lille. The level of education here is impressive, which tends to convince many of the world’s students.

Student life

the student life is very developed. First of all, as far as accommodation is concerned, the choice is enormous. You can choose between U-city, student houses, shared flats and flats, to suit all budgets. You can expect to pay around €400 for a room in a student house, €500 for a room in a flat and €700 for a small flat. Comfort will be the order of the day. Then, on all campuses, student restaurants are easily accessible and inexpensive (about €3 per meal). You will also find small sandwich shops, kekabs, salad bars..


In Lille, culture is a major asset for the development of the city. Thanks to the famous Braderie, art museums (LAM, Louvre Lens, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Piscine Roubaix…), concert halls (Stade Pierre Mauroy, Zénith, Avion, Splendid…), theatres (Sébastopol, Spotlight, biplane, Casino Barrière…), the Opera, the zoo and many exhibitions throughout the year. Many museums are free for students, and prices are set for events such as concerts, theatres… Lille ranks sixth in terms of culture among all regions of France.


Lille’s cuisine will delight all gourmets (and big eaters!). You will be able to taste typical dishes such as Waterzooï, Flemish carbonade, Welsh, potjevleesch, flamiche, fried mussels… But also the numerous local beers (Goudale, 3 Monts, Ch’ti…) and the local cheeses (maroilles, vieux-Lille, mimolette…).

Proximity to other European capitals

In addition to being well served by public transport, you will appreciate Lille’s ideal location in the heart of Europe. Between Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne, which are all accessible in less than 3 hours, low-cost travel opportunities are available to all.

Although it is considered a big city and close to the capitals, Lille is not as busy as other big cities. It is the perfect quiet and exotic place to spend your academic years. And it is important to note that here you will meet people from all over the world. It is not only the French who have been persuaded to study and live in this city.

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