Illustration des différents produits autorisés en cabine lors d'un voyage en avion

What products are authorised in the cabin in 2024?

The complete guide to avoiding unpleasant surprises at the airport Preparing your luggage for a plane trip can sometimes be a real ordeal, especially when it comes to ensuring that the products you want to

vacances en décembre

Where to go on holiday in December 2024?

Holidays in December During the festive season! All those pretty snowy landscapes, all those heavenly tropical white sandy beaches – how lucky that Christmas comes when some of the world’s best winter-sun destinations are at

Faire des cahiers de vacances pour les vacances d'été

Holiday notebooks in 2024: for or against?

That’s it: it’s the summer holidays! You can relax, bask in your 2 months of holiday. It is also the summer period when your child’s brain and concentration are most available: the mental load is

destinations pour le soleil de décembre

Best destinations 2024 for the December sun

Destination for the month of December While summer is the best time to cruise the Mediterranean, December is a tempting time to travel in search of much-needed warmth. The idea of being abroad for Christmas,