Buying guide 2024 – 55x40x20 luggage: the best of the moment – Tested and approved

Valise cabine 55x40x20 homologuée avion
Cabin suitcase 55x40x20 aeroplane approved

Last year you went on a cruise with your partner or family, the year before you explored the rich culinary traditions of Occitania in France, this year you have decided to go to the other side of the world: you are flying!

Luggage 55x40x20 adapted to low-cost companies

The 55x40x20 cabin bag is a small piece of luggage that allows you to travel by plane. It is therefore ideal for people who have to go to the airport with hand luggage. This 55x40x20 cabin bag can be taken into the hold of the plane, which saves time and money when you travel. However, it can only hold a few things and may not be suitable for a whole week.

Carry on bag dimensions

carry on bag dimensions
Suitcase, cabin bag , Carry on bag dimensions

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55x40x20 cabin bag: the best cabin luggage

Our selection of the best 55x40x20 cabin suitcases.

Cabin suitcases are the most common option for business travel, as all airlines limit the volume and weight of hand luggage in the cabin.

The maximum size allowed for a carry-on bag varies depending on the destination: it is usually 55 x 40 x 20 cm. However, some airlines may impose a specific size (e.g. 50 x 35 x 25 cm maximum with Emirates Airlines).

When choosing your cabin bag, make sure it is spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate your personal items when travelling, such as your laptop or make-up bag.

Cabin suitcase 55x40x20: how to choose your cabin bag?

What are the 55x40x20 cabin suitcases models? The 55x40x20 carry-on suitcases have a capacity of less than 50L and can be carried by most airlines.

There are several types of cabin luggage: – Small and light, ideal for a trip of one week or less. – Medium, between 40 and 45L, ideal for a stay of between a week and a few days. – The large one, larger than the average (55L), is especially suitable for long and short trips. These three categories differ mainly in their material (zipper rather than clips) and in the type of storage built into the product (side or zipped pockets).

Suitcase 55cm for single traveller

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Luggage 55x40x20 for business

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Suitcase 55cm for kids

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Luggage 55x40x20 set 2 pieces (for couples)

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55x40x20 cabin bag for the family

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Soft sided 55x40x20 luggage set (with weels)

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55x40x20 cabin suitcase: the advantages of a cabin suitcase

Cabin cases for airlines are subject to strict conditions.

The maximum size is 55x40x20 cm, which is a considerable advantage in terms of volume, but also in terms of weight (maximum 10 kg). Unlike most other luggage, a cabin bag can be carried free of charge by you and your family. In addition to being very practical for air travel, these bags will ensure your comfort when travelling. Indeed, there are several advantages to being able to take a carry-on bag on the plane:

  • The ability to travel without overloading yourself
  • A reduction in the time spent at the controls

55x40x20 cabin suitcase: the different types of cabin suitcases

The carry-on suitcase is a very practical accessory for all those who travel by plane and who are obliged to take some personal belongings with them. Inside the suitcase, you can store all the things you will need during your trip: toiletries, swimwear, sports equipment, etc. With this article, you can easily choose a suitcase according to the different options offered by the models available on the market.

  • The different materials
  • Types of closures
  • The volume

Cabin suitcase 55x40x20: how to use your cabin suitcase properly?

Whether you are travelling for work, on a family holiday or on a business trip, it is sometimes necessary to take a cabin suitcase with you.

You need a light and practical piece of luggage for your trip that will allow you to store all your belongings easily and is adapted to the airlines’ measurements.

During long flights, it is often necessary to have a minimum of personal items easily accessible in the cabin:

  • toiletries: deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc
  • something to occupy the children: toys, books, holiday notebook

Most of the time, airlines impose limits on the size and weight of the cabin baggage.

There is a wide choice on the cabin baggage market, but the 55x40x20 cabin bag is undoubtedly the most popular because it fulfils all these criteria perfectly.

  • Until recently, only Emirates Airlines allowed passengers to board without a handbag or personal items (not even a bag). Today this is no longer the case.
  • Small accessories such as headphones must be stored in special pockets on the back of the seat.
  • A maximum width of 66 cm

Cabin suitcase 55x40x20: tips on how to choose your cabin suitcase

Everyone needs a carry-on suitcase for short trips. Today, airlines impose luggage sizes that are not always suitable for individual air travel.

The carry-on suitcase makes it easier for passengers to fly and is also useful for everyday use.

Standard dimensions vary between airlines, but generally the maximum size allowed is 55 x 40 x 20 cm (max. weight: 10 kg). Some models are foldable so you can fit everything into your hand luggage.

55x40x20 cabin suitcase: mistakes to avoid when choosing your cabin suitcase

The 55x40x20 carry-on suitcase has become the benchmark for airline luggage. This size allows you to take as much as possible without having to pay the extra cabin baggage fee, which is often very expensive as you can imagine. However, just because a suitcase offers a specific size does not mean that it has to be the largest possible.

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a suitcase:

  • Quality
  • The materials used
  • Practicality and strength

Cabin suitcase 55x40x20: how to store your cabin suitcase properly?

You are going on holiday soon and you are afraid not to find your cabin suitcase in the boot of the car when you leave? This article is for you! We will give you some advice on how to keep your 55x40x20 carry -on suitcase perfectly packed. First of all, it is very important to keep the suitcase in its adapted bag so that it does not get damaged during the trip.

The best solution is to leave your 55x40x20 cabin bag in its place and before departure, attach it to a bar above the back seat.

This way, your bag will be easily accessible to your family members who will only have to take it and attach it to the back of the car.

You can also use a trolley or strap to carry your cabin bag with ease.

When you arrive at your destination, remember to put all the things you need directly on a mat and not on the car seats or on the floor (this can be particularly inconvenient if it falls over badly). If your luggage is too big, make sure it is neither too high nor too wide so that it can fit entirely into your engine compartment without difficulty

In conclusion, the 55x40x20 cabin suitcase is a medium-sized suitcase. It is ideal for short stays. This 55x40x20 carry-on suitcase can be used for both air and rail travel.

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