How much does a Mediterranean Sea cruise cost in 2023?

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The Mediterranean is a great place for cruises; from May to October is the ideal time!

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Sailing on board a cruise ship from Costa Crociere, MSC Crociere, Aranui Crociere or Rivages du Monde, on the Mediterranean Sea from France and in a particularly mild climate from the most beautiful ports of the Mediterranean belt, is an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable stay by stopping over in these lands full of history, where life is good.

During a cruise, you forget everything! No more everyday life, no more work, no more school, no more holiday notebooks: you can relax and clear your head!

How much does a cruise on the Mediterranean cost?

Paquebot de croisière en mer Méditerranée
Cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea
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Minimum price for 2 people1500€ INCL. VAT
Average price for 2 people2500€ INCL. VAT
Average price for a cruise in the Mediterranean for 2 people

For 8 days on board a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, you should expect a minimum price of €1,500 to €2,500 for two in an all-inclusive package, with prices varying according to the degree of comfort of the cabin and the services on the cruise ship. A day’s stopover on land with a sightseeing tour can be added to this price.

A cruise with Costa Croisières departing from France from Marseille, for an 8 day trip in the Mediterranean with stops in Rome, Palermo, Cagliari in Sardinia and a return to the port of Marseille, the starting price is 900 euros per person.

An 8-day cabin cruise with Costa Cruises departing from Bari in Italy with stops in Mykonos, Santorini, Valletta in Malta, Catania in Sicily and returning to the port of Bari, is priced at 1,266 euros per person.

What to see on a Mediterranean cruise?

As you sail the Mediterranean Sea, on board your luxury cabin, discover a new place every day, with departures from :

When to go on a Mediterranean cruise?

The best time to go on a cruise from France to the Mediterranean is from May to October. In summer, temperatures are higher than in winter and the sea is warm. In summer, the temperature of the Mediterranean easily reaches 25°C. In winter, it rarely drops below 10°C.

The Mediterranean is a warm sea, so it is the ideal time to take a cruise. In summer, you can enjoy temperatures of around 25°C during the day and 15°C at night. In winter, you should expect lower temperatures. The average temperature in the Mediterranean is 15°C.

How to book a Mediterranean Sea Cruise?

reserver croisiere
Booking a sea cruise

Many Mediterranean cruises are available online from travel agencies or shipping companies such as Aranui Cruises, Rivages du Monde, MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises to sail from port to island.

Departures for a cruise can be made from various European ports, including Marseille in France, Barcelona in Spain, the port of Genoa in Italy or Piraeus or the Greek port of Athens.

Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia: European dream destinations!

The tour can include day trips to places you can’t miss, such as the Greek islands, Venice and Rome in Italy, but also the coast of Croatia, the bazaars and palaces of Istanbul and the Segrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

The formulas offered on board a cruise ship, by the cruise companies, may include different comfort formulas

  • half board or full board,
  • all inclusive,
  • standard cabin,
  • luxury cabin with sea view,
  • catering service from different buffets and restaurants,
  • the use of the swimming pool on the deck of the ship,
  • gym, spa and swimming pool,
  • a casino
  • children’s club,
  • participation in evening shows, and various entertainment, games and sports.

Did you know?

The Western Mediterranean is the world’s most popular cruise destination. With over 40 commercial and cruise ports, it is one of the richest seas, diverse in terms of landscape, islands, nationalities and cultures…

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