The best European countries to live in and work in 2024

Best countries to live in : living and working in Europe

10 Best Countries to Live and Work in Europe

Where to live in Europe? Where to go in Europe? Where to work in Europe? Which is the best country in Europe to live and work in? Which country is the best to live in? Which country is the best to live in? Which country is the best to live in?

Who hasn’t asked themselves all these questions?

So you’re not quite done with your working life, but you’re gradually getting tired of the same 9-to-5 routine of going the same way every day

You may only need a holiday to recharge, or something more may be needed. Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving your home country to start a new life for you and your family, or you’ve had a skills assessment and are considering pursuing your career elsewhere?

If so, then it’s time to pack your bags and head for these three of Europe’s most popular countries to live and work in, all offering fantastic job opportunities combined with an excellent work-life balance.

TOP 3 countries to live in and work in Europe in 2024

  1. Denmark
  2. Germany
  3. Norway

Living and working in Denmark in 2024

vivre travailler au danemark
Living and working in Denmark
Population5 831 000 inhabitants (11 times less than France)
CurrencyDanish krone
Exchange rate (euros)1 DKK = 0.13 euros
Surface area2 210 000 Km² (+4 times the size of France)
Political systemConstitutional monarchy

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Often labelled as the country of the“happiest people in the world“, Denmark has attracted expatriates from all over the world looking to change their lifestyle and advance their career. That’s why we ranked it the number one country to live in Europe!

The country offers a very well-balanced work and family life, a high level of education and a pleasant business climate. These are just some of the reasons why Denmark is so popular with foreign nationals.

Working in Denmark may come as a shock to some, primarily because of the flat working structure and informality that the majority of Danish companies adopt. Danes are very relaxed in all aspects of life, so it is not uncommon for employees and managers to address them by their first name. In addition, all employees in Danish companies have a say in company decisions, which are discussed in open forums.

Living and working in Germany in 2024

vivre travailler en allemagne
Living and working in Germany
Population83,240,000 inhabitants
Minimum wage~1500 € / month
Area357,590 km² (8,840 sq mi)
Political systemFederal Parliamentary Republic

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Another great place to live in Europe and settle down, Germany is a fantastic destination for working families, offering many opportunities for expats to learn new skills, advance their careers and enjoy job security.

When you think of Germany, two words come to mind: efficiency and punctuality. This is certainly a stereotype, but living and working in Germany will undoubtedly be a very orderly and organised experience that offers many advantages, such as clean public spaces, clean parks and an extremely organised bureaucracy.

Germany has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe, partly due to the apprenticeship programmes it offers alongside education for all sorts of trades. This is great news for families looking to live and work in Germany, as EU citizens are also eligible for the same apprenticeships. So if you have a child who is looking to gain work experience in addition to their formal education, then Germany could be the place for you.

Living and working in Norway in 2024

vivre travailler en norvege
Living and working in Norway
Population5 425 000 inhabitants
CurrencyNorwegian krone
Minimum wage~5000€ / month
Area385,200 Km²
Political systemConstitutional monarchy

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Living in Norway is an excellent opportunity for working families and professionals to balance their daily life with experiencing the beauty of Scandinavia. The country has the highest concentration of fjords in the world (where you can take a cruise), as well as forests that are home to all kinds of wildlife. Norway also offers a very cosmopolitan lifestyle, offering a great mix of culture with a relaxed atmosphere and diverse urban areas that offer a great choice of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Working in Norway offers many business opportunities, particularly in the oil and gas industry, as the country is the ninth largest oil producer in the world and the third largest gas producer in Europe, so expatriates generally find themselves in skilled positions in this sector. However, the oil and gas industry is not the only sector that attracts foreign workers. Norway is very open to receiving workers from all over the world. The IT, telecommunications, engineering and transport sectors also offer many opportunities for expatriates. That said, there is stiff competition to find the ‘dream job’ in Norway, as the country has an outstanding education system that produces highly skilled workers.

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