Everything you need to know about organising a team building day in 2024

Some companies organise team-building days, ranging from escape games to paintball, casino days or car rallies…

What are the advantages of organising a team building day?

A team building day is a lost day from an immediate productivity point of view, but this break from work can pay off. A company with motivated and united employees is not only beneficial for the well-being of each employee, but also and above all a driving force for the company’s productivity. A team building day is designed to make employees feel good and productive!

Team Building Activity At Work [EASY AND AWESOME]

Also known as a company seminar, organising a successful team building day means allowing each person to find their place within the group, to develop or strengthen this famous group spirit, and to achieve the objectives of success by adding the individual talents of the employees. That’s what a cohesion day is all about, the search for success through group spirit!

What are the ideas for a team building day?

The most important thing for a company team building day is to develop motivation and group spirit. The recipe? Activities with challenges to be taken up in teams and a playful side that is essential for each personality to reveal itself and to blossom for an accepted objective. The theme of the day must be unifying. It could be about cooking, games, sports or other widely shared passions.

There are many ideas for team building days:

  • quizzes within the company,
  • a treasure hunt,
  • a car rally,
  • a giant escape game,
  • a cooking workshop,
  • a sports challenge,
  • a casino evening,
  • a creative challenge to be taken up in a group, such as the creation of a local breakfast, with the participation of local producers and tasting within the company.

Can we use a team building agency?

There are steps to successfully organising a team building day. Start by setting the date and the chosen activity, define the objectives of the day, particularly in terms of team spirit, and then proceed to the practical organisation with the possible reservation of the room and other aspects of the organisation.

For the practical organisation, you can call on a team building agency, specialised in organising events to strengthen cohesion within companies.

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